If nothing works for you, just make something that does. It's so simple it's saddening that others can't see it.

—Yijun's philosophy

怡君 高

Yijun Gao

Yijun Gao AtLA
Chinese 怡君 高
Romanized Yíjūn Gao
Nickname(s) Sky Hair (by Sokka)
Biographical Information
Nationality Fire Nation
Ethnicity Fire Nation
Age 17 in Avatar: The Last Airbender
18-19 in The Promise
Birthday November 9, 82 AG
Physical Description
Height 171 cm. (nearly 5'8")
Weight 59 kg (132 lbs.)
Gender Female
Hair Color Light platinum blonde
Eye Color Chestnut brown
Personal Information
Weapon of Choice Dagger, Fire, Podao
Fighting Style(s) Tantōjutsu, Firebending
Professional Information
Occupation Scribe
Amanuensis (former)
Affiliations Fire Nation
Fire Nation Royal Family
English Voice Hynden Walch
Japanese Voice Kouko Tsukimoto
Chinese Voice Jane Zhang

Yijun Gao is a wanderer that hails from the Fire Nation. As the former sole amanuensis to Fire Lord Ozai, she has skills which allowed her to become a successful freelance scribe,and thus is held in high regard amongst illustrious members of society throughout the four nations. After some time, she attempted to rekindle her personal connection to the royal family by presenting weaponry designs, meaning she is also (presumably) a weapons engineer.

Appearance Edit

Yijun appears very strangely for a Fire Nation native, having virtually no sign of her heritage. She has deep brown eyes and short, light platinum blonde hair, which she is insistent is natural. Her accessories include a large golden hairpin (which is mainly used to pull her bangs back), and thick dark red bracelets on either wrist with a gold cloth wrapped around them, being held in place by silver buckles.

She wears a white qipao that has a mandarin collar and splits lightly down the center, a gypsy skirt underneath and gray stockings. Her undergarments generally consist of normal underwear colored in shades of carmine and gold details.

Over her outfit, she dons a dark gray cloak-like garb with kimono sleeves and a shawl lapel which is colored gold in contrast.

Personality Edit

Yijun is fascinated by evolution and adaptation. She claimed that a boyfriend once broke up with her, and she simply said he had evolved out of the stage of being in love with her. She is perceptive in the face of danger, but barely ever willing to make fake promises, even if it may be the best option.

Nothing seems to bother her more than compromise. She is quite indecisive.

Though she is deeply prideful of her nation, she tends to hide it in favor of honest and unbiased interactions with people. However this does not stop her from being brutal when it comes to attacking anyone that may have insulted Fire Nation royalty or nobility.

Abilities Edit

Firebending Edit

Blade Proficiency Edit

Yijun's main weapon is a 17-centimeter (6-inch) double edge blade resembling a Japanese yoroi-dōshi. The forgery is secure, with the blade itself being able to withstand hard blows as well as puncture Fire Nation armor offensively. 

She also wields a podao, sheathed by a rope scabbard. Her adeptness with the aforementioned pole arm was developed during the earlier years of her travels,

History Edit

Relationships Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Haven't you ever met someone who had a true interest in you? No ulterior motives, no two-timing, only... intrigue?" — To Zuko
  • "I understand that not everyone is as innocently interested as I am, but it doesn't mean you can't accept me with open arms! Just for tonight. Please." — To Team Avatar

Trivia Edit

  • "Yijun" means "ruler of joy". This comes from the Chinese 怡 (yí) meaning "joy" combined with 君 (jūn) meaning "ruler". "Gao" (高) is a Chinese surname meaning "high"
  • Hynden Walch was selected as Yijun's voice due to her portrayal of Blackfire from Teen Titans, while Kouko Tsukimoto, her Japanese voice, plays Starfire in the Japanese dub of Teen Titans respectively