Chapter 1
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Book: Season
Episode Number: 1
Series: Shadow of Shiro
None; Starts from beginning Shadow of Shiro: Chapter 2

This series, Shadow of Shiro, follows Shiro beginning to master Martial Arts at the young age of 10. As the story goes on, he grows older and more powerful. It shows the hardships, and dedication he had towards attaining power through his eyes and perspective. Shiro was born on 164 AG, and story begins a few years later during the year 174 AG.

Chapter 1Edit

I screamed as loud as I could in my empty room. Nothing pissed me off more then not having the natural ability to bend. It was around 9 in the morning, and I had spent the last 2 hours training. My father would sacrifice countless hours of his time to teach me ancient Marital Art styles.

Another day passed, where I went to school to be educated on useless stuff. During class, I noticed my classmates whispering about a fight that would take place after school between two benders. I clenched my fist, forming a plan in my head. I would go and crash the fight, and defeat both the benders. I've spent the majority of my life training, I had no valid reason to not be cocky.