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Patrick Brough


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Mack Islis Andre Sogliuzzo Melendy Britt Mark Hamill Grey DeLisle Jack Unty Dante Basco Mae Whitman Jack De Senna Jessie Flower Greg Baldwin Cricket Leigh William Warfare Jennie Kwan Olivia Hack Dee Bradley Baker Sam Mann Zach Tyler

Ozai's World is a spin-off to Avatar: The Last Airbender, with ran for 3 books, set in the fictional world of an alternate ending to the show.

Plot Edit

The show follows if Phoenix King Ozai really did destroy Aang, and the Earth Kingdom, but Katara and Zuko really did defeat Azula. This angers Ozai, causing Azula to be happy that her father is to let her go. The rest of Team Avatar get thrown in jail with only one hope: The Next Avatar. In the Southern Water Tribe, a new baby is born. This is later revealed to be the Next Avatar.

Cast Edit

Principal characters Edit

  • Mack Islis as Avatar Chow, the next Avatar after Aang, who has to take action before any Avatar has ever.
  • William Warfare as Famen Coswald, Chow's firebending teacher.
  • Andre Sogliuzzo as Hakoda, Katara and Sokka's father, who is now the leader of the Southern Water Tribe, who protects Chow, and really wants to get his kids out of jail.
  • Melendy Britt as Gran Gran, Katara and Sokka's grandmother, who is really worried about how they'd survive in prison.
  • Mark Hamill as Phoenix King Ozai, the nearly unstoppable world ruler, who desprately has to find The Avatar.
  • Grey DeLisle as Fire Lord Azula, the fire lord who nearly got cancelled out by Zuko, but really wants to get the new avatar hunted down.
  • Jack Unty as Guard Burns, the captain of the guard in the Fire Nation, who doesn't want to join Ozai, but really has no choice.
  • Sam Mann as Guard Frillise, Burns' brother who is really loyal to Ozai, and is the only one who doesn't trust Burns, depsite being related to him.

Team Avatar Edit

  • Zach Tyler as Aang's spirit, who is really disappointed that Ozai defeated him.
  • Dante Basco as Zuko, the now jailed prince, who has a plan to get out of jail.
  • Mae Whitman as Katara, the person who is the most disappointed about Aang.
  • Jack De Senna as Sokka, the idea guy who tries to find a plan to get out of jaik and find the next Avatar.
  • Jessie Flower as Toph Beifong, the not-so-disappointed friend of Aang who's metalbending is even too week.
  • Greg Baldwin as Uncle Iroh, he took back Ba Sing Se, which he is now the ruler of, and the city is the only hiding place for the Earth Kingdom citizens.
  • Cricket Leigh as Mai, the depressed teen, who fell in love with Zuko, who say, at least they have each other.
  • Jennie Kwan as Suki, a really angry prisoner, who is disappointed in Aang, but has faith in Sokka.
  • Olivia Hack as Ty Lee, a firebender and one of Azula's old friends.

Episodes Edit

Book 1: Flames Edit

# Chapter Description
1 End of the War Ozai has a party to celebrate his defeat of Aang, but is very angry when he finds out what happend to Azula. However, Team Avatar isn't able to defeat Ozai without Aang.
2 The Prison Team Avatar gets trapped in prison, wandering who the next Avatar is.
3 The Avatar Ozai and Azula search for the Avatar all day long without any sign of releif; Hakoda sees that the new baby born in the Southern Water Tribe is The Avatar.
4 Ba Sing Say: Freedom! When Ozai and Azula find out that Iroh has re-conquered Ba Sing Se, Ozai says he already killed the Earth King; Burns starts doubting his position.
5 Sokka v Zuko: Plan Fight! Sokka and Zuko argue over who should create a plan to get out of prison; Frillise starts to get suspicious of Burns.
6 Avatar Training At age 3, Chow is forced to start training water and earth immedetley, but he can't learn airbending.
7 The Airbending Masters Hakoda and Gran Gran take Chow to see the four air temples to see if that gives him any confidence in airbending.
8 White Lotus Fight! Ozai shrinks Ba Sing Se, saying to leave it, it'll get too overcrowded eventually; Team Avatar gets news on Chow.
9-10 Aang's Spirit Aang is now in The Spirit World, but very sad and disappointed that he didn't defeat the Fire Lord

Book 2: Avatar Edit

# Name Description
11 The Discovery Ozai and Azula finally discover the new Avatar in the Southern Water Tribe after 8 years of searching.
12 Team Avatar Team Avatar finally escapes from prison and go into hiding, but Frillise blames Burns for this thing.
13 Exposed! Frillise exposes Burns of his rebellious/heroic acts.
14 The Sack Hakoda and Gran Gran bring Chow to the Northern Water Tribe, while being chased by Burns, who they think is after them.
15 The 'Rebellious' Kid At the Northern Water Tribe, Chow rebels against Hakoda and Gran Gran, and joins Burns instead.
16 The Firebending Master Burns introduces Chow to a firebending master called Famen Coswald, days before The Day of Black Sun.
17 Another Day of Black Sun (Part 1) The Day of Black Sun is upon the world, with now a lack of water and earthbenders, they try their best to fight firebenders, but of course it fails.
18 Another Day of Black Sun (Part 2) Team Avatar discovers Chow and Famen, but Burns chooses his job over his insticts and hands them all to prison on The Day of Black Sun.

Book 3: Prison Edit

# Title Description
19 Return to Prison Team Avatar returns to prison with Chow and Famen; Ozai & Azula try to see how to take people's bending away.
20 Meditating in Jail Chow is forced to meditate in jail to get in contact with Aang.
21 The Fire Guards Even though everyone else trusts him, Frillise is still suspicious of Burns; Team Avatar gets really sick of being in jail.
22 Burns Alone Burns runs off to free Team Avatar, while seeing visions from his past.
23 Simply Betraying Valuable Avatar Time While Chow is learning firebending, Burns reveals a big secret: he's an airbender!
24 Return to The Boiling Rock Sokka tries to get into The Boiling Rock to find Chow and Hakoda.
25 The Airbending Master Chow trusts Burns, along with Zuko, but everyone else is unsure. Depsite this, he continues to teach Chow airbending.
26 The Final Invasion (Part 1) Chow is willing to go into The Avatar State, so if Ozai wins, the cycle will be broken.
27 The Final Invasion (Part 2) Chow has defeated the Fire Lord, meaning Aang's spirit is finally happy.