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Norobu Akashi
Name Noboru Akashi
Race Human
Birthdate 173 AG
Age 15
Gender Male
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Farmer
Noboru Akashi (あかし のびる) is the next avatar after Korra, he was the result of her losing her connection to the previous avatars. Both of his parents are non-benders as well as his younger brother Keiji.

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Earth Bending Edit

Noboru's main element is earth as Korras is water. Unlike most who have learned their bending Noboru had no teacher and mainly developed it for the purpose of keeping wild animals from getting into their crops as well as easier irrigation.

Water Bending Edit

Noboru accidentally bended water one day which had confused his parents as people are supposed to bend only one element. He really only uses it to water the crops and divert the flow of the irrigation when needed.

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