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Chinese 潞米
Romanized Lùmǐ
Nickname(s) Lady of Ice
Biographical Information
Nationality United Republic of Nations
Fire Nation (formerly)
Ethnicity Northern Water Tribe
Age 45 (in Book One: Air)
Birthday 125 AG
Physical Description
Height About 5'6" or 1.68 m
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Personal Information
Love Interest(s) Rostam † (formerly)
Weapon of Choice Water
Fighting Style(s) Waterbending (Northern style)
Professional Information
Position New Ozai Society member (formerly)
Representative for the Cultivators of the Bending Arts
Occupation Healer (formerly)
Bending supremacist
Lumi (潞米, Lùmǐ) is a supporting fan character of The Legend of Korra series.

A Republic City native with Northern Water Tribe heritage, she was raised in the Fire Nation for a period of her childhood, leading to her bending-supremacist ideals. She was a loyal member of the New Ozai Society before returning to Republic City to become the sole representative of the prejudiced "Cultivators of the Bending Arts" movement. She is the mother of Samandar and the former lover of Rostam.

Trivia Edit

  • Lumi means "snow" in Finnish.[1][2]

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