Ho was the Earth Kingdom-born Avatar immediately succeeding Avatar Miran and preceding Avatar Yugi.

Ho Originally born in a in Farming Village called Bashu to his Parents, Ho was separated from his family as a result of a massacre. He was eventually found by Tian Jiao, who adopted him, hoping for Ho to inherit the family noodle shop some day. However, Ho was drawn to bending, and his unwavering enthusiasm led him to be deem as the Avatar, after which he began training under Master Chen Fu. Though clumsy and unaccepted at first, Ho persevered and fulfilled the destiny of the Avatar by defeating Taizen and discerning the Avatar Scroll, proving himself as a hero to everyone, including himself and eventually become a Fully Realized Avatar.



Ho is usually easygoing, playful, and cocky like a big kid, as well as rather "fanboyish" when expressing his love for bending arts he is seen as a huge Avatar fan, owning posters and action figures of his favorite Avatars, but is himself clumsy, portly, and having low self-confidence, only dreaming he could be a great master in bending

When Reveal to be Avatar He have difficulty to accept the heavy responsibility that he is about bear and initially doubt himself


As the Avatar, Ho has the unique ability to use all four elements, and has the potential to become the most powerful bender in the world. Ho at the beginning did not show any sign of potential as a bender but after sometime When He inadvertently showed a knack in Earthbending He develop orthodox style of bending and was the first Avatar who originally didn't shown sign of being a bender


Ho originally did not show any sign being a Earthbender However He inadvertently reveal his potential in Earthbending He also reveal to have the ability of seismic sense Notice Chen Fu even though he was far away where Ho is Under Chen Fu tutelage He greatly improve prolifically in Earthbending and after a year of training He was regarding as one of the most powerful Earthbenders in his Time


Ho Began his Firebending Training a year after mastering Earthbending