Avatar: The legend of Noboru
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Avatar: The Legend of Noboru is the follow up to the Legend of Korra, taking place in the year 188 AG.

The series starts at least fifteen years after Korra's ended bringing both new and old characters into the mix. The protagonist of the new series, Norobu, the Avatar after Korra, is a kind young man and definitely unwanting of the title Avatar who lives on the outskirts of one of the new Independent states in the previous Earth Kingdom.

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Volume 1 - Unknown -Edit

Chapter Title Description New
Chapter 1 Norobu is walking to a small village in one of the independent states to get his mother's medicine when he notices from a distance that there is a lot of smoke coming from the direction of the village. Upon arriving he finds that the place is under attack once again from bandits. He get's dragged into the fight as they had taken everything from the medicine person, including his mother's medicine. They are saved at the last minute by two people one who puts the fires out and the other beats the last of the bandits. The end of the chapter is Norobu inviting them to his house for the time being.



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